Okhle Village Trust was informally started by Richard Backwell back in 2003. Richard was trekking with his local guide Bimal Gurung and the two struck up a frendship that would develop and strengthen to this day. Following the trek, Bimal invited Richard to come back to his home village of Okhle to meet the villagers and experience life in a rural nepalese village.

Richard was overwhelmed with the warmth, friendliness and undemanding nature of the villagers who received him in Okhle that he vowed to return. Whilst in the village Bimal showed Richard some of the projects that the villagers were undertaking with their own labour, skills and resources. Richard was so impressed that he left some money for the completion of a gravity fed water system that would feed 4 tapstands in the village.

Upon Richard's return with a group in 2004 he returned to the village again after trekking to find the Okhle Village water project was completed, up and running. Every year since, Richard has been back to Okhle Village with a group from the Trust to go trekking with Bimal and to support projects in Okhle and neighbouring villages. Over the years requests have come from neighbouring villages and further afield for assistance form Okhle Village Trust as they have seen what neighbouring villages can achieve with just a little support. The Trust has responded to these requests to the extent the fantastic fundraising from Richard and supporters of the Trust could provide.

Richard Backwell was formally recognised by the queen for his extraordinary work in Nepal and received an MBE in 2007.