In the villages the people survive on subsistence farming, so apart from teachers and the occasional nurse there are no professional people. With no policemen, doctors, social workers, etc, the villages have their own ways of dealing with everyday problems: in each village there is a Fathers Committee and a Mothers Committee. The fathers are responsible for rules and regulations and the good order of the village, while the mothers are responsible for social and welfare problems.

The Trust has donated �£1500 to the Mothers Committees of Okhle, Ghala, Rbaje, Raipali and Kot Guan. This fund is used for villagers requiring medical help, hospitalisation or help in hardship. For example, the fund has been used to support 3 partially sighted ladies, 2 in Raipali and 1 in Okhle.

Cost: �£1500 donated to date

In 2009 a further £100 was given to each of the 5 Villages mothers Commiittees
In 2010 a further £75 was donated each of the 5 villages. In Rbaje and Kot Guan an extra £25 was found to help with the repair of the roofs of the houses of 2 widows who otherwise would have had difficulty with leaks in the monsoon period.
In 2011 £50 was donated to okhle

Wey Valley donated £50 to each mothers committee of the villages of Okhle,Raipali and Ghala. The expedition team would like to express their thanks for being made so welcome at each village