Natural Disaster Relief

On the 25th Aril 2015 Nepal was hit by a strong earthquake registering 7.8Mw, whose epicentre lay in the area near the village of Barpak, approximately 100km west north west of Kathmandu. Almost another 100km west of Barpak as the crow flies lie the group of villages supported by Okhle Village Trust. The initial tremor and aftershocks caused widespread destruction; worst affected were built up areas with a dense population but many rural areas also suffered. In the area around Okhle village, a number of houses were decimated, largely due to their poor construction.

Typically those who lost there houses were the poor who could not afford a higher quality building materals and techniques. Okhle Vllage Trust donated funds to allow those who had lost their property to rebuild to a higher standard.

The school in Sanjur was right off the beaten track. Okhle Village Trust supplied funds to rebuild the school from a pile of rubble into what you see below.

In many instances it was possible even to make improvements to what had previously existed with rainwater harvesting. Kind donations from the WI (Women's Institute) allowed the toys in the nursery to be replaced.

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Samjur School Reconstruction

Samjur pre-school, which educates 23 children between the ages of 3 and 5 years old, was completely destroyed in the earthquake of April 2015. The school consisted of 2 rooms, a classroom for the children and an office and equipment store for the teacher. In June of the same year, the Trust supplied the necessary funding of £2500 for the school to be rebuilt. In November 2015 members of the trust visited the rebuilt school and had the honour of being the first Westerners ever to do so. A second visit was made by the Trust to the school in November 2017 and each child was given a woolly jumper,shoes, socks,shirt and a pencil case. The pencil cases each contained pens, pencils, a rubber, crayons, a pencil sharpener and ruler. The woolly jumpers had all been knitted by Muriel Frampton and the pencil cases had been made by Muntsy’s Ladies group with help from staff members Kim Sanderson and Tracy McSherry. Staff and students from Wey Valley School visited Samjur in December 2017 and they have generously agreed to fund the building of a shelter/awning at the front of the classroom which will provide additional room and protection from the sun. The cost of this project will be in the region of £1500. Oliver, Karen and Lucy from Wey Valley School deserve special mention for raising this funding for the additional room at the front of the school.