The 3 villages of Yangsing, Dunje and Bharang have a total of 90 houses and an approximate population of 450. Their main water supply came from a tank situated on a col on a ridge. Dunje and Bharang lie to the North of the ridge and Yangsing to the South.

The tank was supplied by water from the village of Gahateri which is 900 metres further along the ridge. Once the necessary funding was put into place, the tank which was badly leaking was replaced with a new 24,000 litre tank. New pipework to all 3 villages was put in place and 3 new standtaps were built in Yangsing. 1 standtap was located in Dunje and the villagers now have sufficient water in the monsoon season both to water their buffalo and also to irrigate their rice crops. Prior to this project the villagers of Bharang had to descend to a forest to colect their water for which a round trip took 45 minutes. Bharang now has 2 taps in the village giving the villagers direct access to water.

The cost of the project was £6500 and it was jointly funded by Brit Valley,Casterbridge which is twinned with Rennes du Guiscelin, Poundbury and Portland Rotary Groups together with the help of Dan Nord, Bill Ferris and their associates in America.
Mark Townsend and Richard Brind represented Portland and Casterbridge Rotary Clubs at the Opening Ceremony