Tutepani is about a three hour walk to the west of Okhle on a dirt track road used by occasional motorcycles and a daily bus. The village is situated on a hill side with a total of 35 houses above and below the road and a population of up to 300. The villagers told us about their situation and needs. They have a small ancient water tank that leaks and therefore as many of the villagers only have enough water for the monsoon season they have to walk to a spring at another village for the other 9 months of the year and carry their water back to their houses.

The Okhle Village Trust water project in conjunction with Dorchester Casterbridge Rotary is to provide the funds to build a new collection chamber at their spring which is in the hills 1.2km away, lay piping to the village, install a new 30 000 litre water tank and further piping to seven new tapstands throughout the village. The tank will fill in the monsoon. With careful use of water during the dry season and with the trickle from the spring there will be enough water for the village all year round.

Tutepani was funded by Portland, Casterbridge and Rennes du Guesclin Rotary clubs, completed in 2015.