In 2006, 5 members of the Trust had the privilege of becoming the first ever Westeners to visit the village of Rbaje, a 30-minute walk from Okhle. As at Okhle, their water was supplied by gravity feed from 2 springs, and their supply was also failing due to antiquated pipework and crumbling water chambers. At the upper water chamber where the water from the 2 springs met there were 2 exit pipes, one irrigating the rice fields during the monsoon and the other supplying the village. The work was completed in early 2008. A further £200 was donated to link 4 houses on the outskirts of the village to the pipe system.

Cost: £1200
Partly funded by Squire Locks

In 2009 , the village was given 3 new taps together with £100 to help with the repair of leaking pipes