The main track that goes through the village of Okhale is used for access between the houses and for herding water buffalo. The picture above shows the track in mid November (a dry time of the year) leading down to one of the main water stand pipes and to a pool used for washing water buffalo.
Up from this point the track is on a gentle slope and the surface is level however at this point the track narrows and drops to a lower level in a steep incline. The track surface is very uneven and consists of stones that vary in size from cobbles to boulders. Also a small stream joins the track at the top of the steep incline and runs down between the stones. The track is 11ft wide by 150 ft. and is bordered on either side by 6 ft high dry stone dyke.

The uneven nature of the surface makes it difficult to move the animals safely, both for the animals and the person (usually children) herding the animals. It is particularly hazardous at night and during the wet season when the rocks become very slippery.

In 2006 the Trust donated money to widen and level off the track. 150 metres of track has been completed. The second part down to the actual waterhole is steeper and more difficult. It is approximately 70 metres long and a further £600 has been donated to make it safe. The villagers will build a gulley for the river down one side and bridge it with stones.

Cost: £1200

In 2009, the path nearest to the campsite was nearing completion with a retaining wall built on one side.The path down to the waterhole has yet to be started but more funds will be made available in 2010.
The hardest part of the buffalo track remains unfinished. In 2010 we gave them a further £400 and the villagers promised to complete the reconstruction of the track by the time of our next visit.