Madkina lies to the South West of Kot Guan, a walk of approximately 20 minutes and is a village of some 26 houses with a population of 130 people.
There have one source of water, which is a spring situated 300 metres above the cluster of houses. The water supply from this spring is sufficient in the monsoon season but problems occur between January and April and the villagers have to get their water from another spring to the north of a village called Chahara.

To get to the spring in Chahara villagers of Madkina have to walk 300m distance and 37m descent to a shared source (no charge as they have the right of access) in the dry season, but the round trip can take up to an hour and the spring has a low flow rate.

The villagers would like to increase their water storage capacity to allow the water from the spring above their village to be collected and rationed after the monsoon. The planned 30,000L tank would fill in the monsoon and would be sufficient to keep the village in water all year round. The infrastructure required is only a tank with a tapstand and minimal piping. The projected costs of this project are £1500. Madkina was funded by Portland Rotary club and Richard and Angela White, completed 2014

In 2014 the Trust agreed to fund the construction of 3 more standtaps at Madkina at a cost of £1200.