Lower Bayapani is a village of 33 houses and a population of about 150 villagers. The village sufferes from severe water shortage, particularly in the dry season. The Trust first visited the village in 2014 and were told that the village hoped to access water from a spring about 1200 metres away. The plan was to contour water through a pipe around 2 spurs and 2 reentrants to a lower tank from where water would be pumped up to a header tank about 45 vertical metres higher up in the village. From this tank water would be supplied to 5 tapstands throughout the village. The link from the pump to the electrical power transformer was no more than 150 metres

The Trust is most grateful to Dan Nord, Bill Ferris and their fellow Americans for funding this project at a cost of over £5000.

This was an extremely difficult project to both manage and work on and Bimal and the villagers are to be congratulated on bringing it to a successful conclusion. The project was completed in March 2016.