The centre of the village of Kot Guan lies on a small south facing level terrace behind a local peak in the ridgeline with the rest of the village and farming terraces spreading down the slopes. Kot Guan had never had a sheltered community meeting place and through the community meetings regarding the water project a community centre for the village emerged as a high development priority.

In 2011, Okhle Village Trust was supported by two members of the Gifford (now Ramboll) engineering team, Jessica Robinson and Hayley Maxwell who looked at 3 possible sites for the Community Centre to be built at Kot Guan. In discussions with the local community it was decided that the community centre should include toilet facilities and rainwater harvesting if the budget permitted. Jessica and Hayley produced a range of designs to suit different budgets based on the style of local architecture but including a number of structural improvements.

Funding for the Kot Guan Community centre was received from Ramboll in December 2012 . Work got quickly underway and the building was completed in July 2013.
The Community Centre consists of a large meeting room with tables and chairs and a small storeroom for the storage of tools and other communal equipment. The roof is made of corrugated metal sheets but 2 perspex panels on the southern elevation together with white painted walls give the main room a good level of ambient light. There is a 1 metre wide verandah on the south side of the building typical of Nepalese architecture in this region which acts as a sociable gathering point with protection from the weather.

A 20,000 litre water tank has been built on the west side of the Community Centre so that water can be harvested from the roof. The water collected in the tank will service the toilet adjacent to the tank and also feeds surplus water into the main water supply. In November 2013 the rain water harvesting system was not entirely completed but funding to complete this part of the project was provided by Alison Brind.