Ghaleguan,, a village of 24 houses and 160 people is situated on the northern side of the ridge, approximately half an hour's walk from Okhle and Raipali.
Although a Hong Kong businessman paid for the installation of a sophisticated Italian electric pump to supply water to the village, the storage tank has only a 6,000 litre capacity, which results in water shortages in the dry season between January and April. The storage tank supplies 5 standtaps.
There is also , however, a spring above the village and the villagers would like to build a 30,000 litre rectangular tank approximately 50 metres below the spring which would supply water to a new standtap by the Community Centre.The Community Centre is centrally located in the village and water would be available all the year round. The cost of the project would be in the region of £1500 and the Trust would hope to raise the necessary funds in 2014 and see the project completed in 2014.