Baspani is a village with 55 houses and a population of 265 villagers. Due to leaking taps and water tank, a shortage of water has been a problem for some time, particularly in the dry season. Their water source is a spring high up in the forest at a similar height and about 200 metres distant from one of the springs supplying Raile Village. The villagers have built a distribution chamber close to the spring and have laid approximately 2.5 kilometres of pipeline which contour through the steep slopes of the forest, before crossing a col and descending to the village.

The water feeds into a 30,000 litre tank before being distributed to 7 tapstands throughout the village. Work started on the project in April 2016 and was completed in September 2016. Considering the difficulty of the work involved, this was a wonderful achievement on the part of the villagers

The project which cost £5,000 was jointly funded by Casterbridge, Poundbury and Portland Rotary Groups and Richard Brind and Mark Townsend representing the Clubs, cut the ribbon at the Opening Ceremony.