Ashari, a village of 80 houses and a population of about 300 people is situated south east of Okhle and is reached after about 1 hours walk, passing through Rbaje village on route. Ashari has numerous tapstands but water shortages has led to rationing whereby if a tap is closed,,villagers are faced with a 15 to 20 minute walk to collect their water, During the monsoon they are unable to use the bottom stream because the water becomes too dirty. The aim of the project at Ashari was to dig back to the source of the lowest spring where the water is of better quality and feed the water into a tank which would supply the villager all year round.

In 2012 the trust paid for water to be piped across the valley to Ashari Primary School. A further part of the project at Ashari is to construct a new tank at the Primary School to store water and alleviate the demand on the tapstand currently used to pipe water across the valley.The project was started in February 2013 and should be completed by the end of May 2013. The project, costing around £1500 was jointly funded by RWE Companius and Okhle Village Trust.

During a visit to Ashari in November 2013, we saw that the villagers had constructed a 14,000 litre rectangular tank which was fed with water from 2 springs with pipes to the tank that could be regularted depending on the abundance of the springs. On one side of the tank are 3 taps with a sizeable area where the villagers can either wash pots and clothes or collect water. The springs have historically flowed all the year round and provide a reliable supply of water.

The visit in 2013 also revealed that a small concrete tank had been built next to the school. Water from a source across the valley now provides drinking water for the school and services their toilets.