The Trust first visited the school, which is a 30 minute walk from Okhle, in 2006. It has 300 students from at least 3 villages. A donation was made for the repair and upkeep of buildings and equipment.

There are plans to take a group of students from Wey Valley School in the UK to Okhle in 2009, for an exchange visit with Bayapani, Okhle and Saraswoti schools.

Cost: £300
Donated by: The Rotary Club

In 2009, a rather hurried visit was made to Saraswoti school by Wey Valley staff and students. Like Bayapani, the school was given a microscope donated by Bristol Open University, together with a donation of £200.Phil Minns, headmaster of Damers School in Dorchester, accompanied by other members of staff, also visited the school. Impressed by the quality and enthusiasm of the staff,they hope to establish links between Damers and Saraswoti through the British council
In 2010 Damers School sent out numerous letters to be distributed to the students of Saraswoti. As at Bayapani, the microscope was in full use and as well as donating £100, we learnt how best we can help trhe school in 2011. In 2011 following donations from the trust of £250 the following objectives were achieved
1) Plastering of the Nursery wall
2) Painting of the Nursery wall
3) Mural painted on the wall by Jessica Dennis
4) Foam underlay and carpet provided for the Nursery floor
5) Repair of 2 of the 10 computors given to the school by a German firm. Antony Dennis discovered that all of the mouse leads on the computors had been chewed through by mice (ironic). He repaired 2 of them and the computor teacher promised either to set traps or put down rat poison.
6) 10 hassocks were bought in Dumre for the Nursery

Sports,Art and stationary equipment to the value of £400 was kindly donated by the Dennis family to Saraswoti and the 3 lower Primary Schools. The sum of £250 was also kindly donated by Dr Derek Waldie to purchase tools,paint and other equipment for the work that took place in November/December 2011 in both the schools and the Water Projects