In 2007 we were asked to help these two schools with funding for books and equipment, and in 2008 a further contibution was made.

Cost: £300 donated to date

In 2009 a further £75, together with new school uniforms for every child was donated to each school and we hope to continue to support the schools in the coming years. A further £75 per school has been earmarked for 2010
Renee and Lesley Wilkinson kindly donated £75 each to the 3 Primary schools in 2010 with the condition that provided the money is spent on either building work or equipment then more funds would be made available.

Rbaje School ( 5 classes of 34 students)

As a result of donations of £250 from Carena Dennis and Rene Wilkinson in 2011, the following objectives were either achieved or set in motion
1) Plastering of walls and concreting of floors in 2 classrooms
2) Painting of walls in 2 classrooms
3) Mural painted by Jessica Dennis on School Nursery wall
Monies totalling £350 given to them in previous years had been spent on the building o0f 2 toilets and the provision of drinking water. Also some furniture was purchased. A 1 metre deep stone firepit was dug out and the headmaster promised to use it for burning rubbish every Friday at the end of the school week