Okhle Primary School, which is a 5 minute walk from Okhle village, had 3 classes but only 2 teachers, and prior to our arrival only 2 classes could attend school at any one time. For the last 4 years we have funded a third teacher at a total cost of £1500. In addition, we have provided all the pupils with new school uniforms and given them large amounts of books and stationary. The planned trip from Wey Valley school in 2009 will be of great value to the school as the pupils could embark on various art, music and humanities projects together.

We are most grateful for the support of the Special Needs Students at Weymouth College who thus far have raised over £2500 for Okhle and other schools in the area.

Cost: £1500
Funded by: Weymouth College Special Needs Students

In 2009, the school was visited by 3 teachers and 12 students from Wey Valley School. Jenny Boyce, a PE teacher introduced the children to parachute games and the parachute was left behind for further use. Karen Edgeley, an art teacher carried out an art project with the children using mainly art materials brought out from the UK. Both activities were received with much enthusiasm. The sum of £400 was donated to the school.

In May 2009, Weymouth College Special Needs Students completed a sponsored walk raising £570 for the Okhle Trust Primary Schools.
In October 2010 we gave them a further £150. We learnt that the school will be getting more help in future from the government so in future we shall only be donating stationary and other equipment leaving us free to concentrate on more pressing needs within the Okhle Village Trust