Bayapani Secondary School serves no less than 12 villages and is a 40-minute walk from Okhle village. The Trust is indebted to various Rotary groups who have helped with this project (7 Rotarians have also been to Nepal).

Funds have been provided to build a new classroom, paint buildings, restore a veranda, level out the playing field and build a school wall. The 2006 group also painted a classroom.

Richard is in the process of organising a visit to Nepal for around 15 students from Wey Valley School in December 2009 and the headmaster at Bayapani is very keen to establish sustainable links with Bayapani. There is a lot of scope for the youngsters to get involved and assist with some of the projects. Saraswoti and Okhle schools are also planning to be involved in the school exchange.

Cost: £1100 donated to date
Donated by: The Rotary Club

In 2009, students and staff spent a whole day at Bayapani and the visit was of mutual benefit to both schools Wey valley were entertained with some local dancing and Karen Edgeley and Jenny Boyce responded with joint games and art work. A microscope, kindly donated by Bristol Open University was given to the school and a further £200 making £1300 in total. The day ended with a football match won by Bayapani. Before leaving the school, Clive Burgess and Karen told the headmaster that they would like to forge links with his school and would be looking to return in 2011 with more students and funding.
in 2010 we learnt that the microscope was being used at least twice a week . we took out a wonderful supply of woolly dolls kindly donated by Jean Sexton for the Nursery and found out what equipment would be useful for Wey Valley school to take out with them on their visit in 2011.A donation of £100 was also made.

Bayapani School 2011
Prior to the 2009 expedition Wey Valley School raised funds amounting to £500 for art and sports equipment together with stationary and a play parachute which proved to be great fun.
Bayapani School 2011
During 2010 Wey Valley forged links with Bayapani School and began to plan the 2011 expedition.The school committed to raising funds for Bayapani School, the Mothers committees of Okhle,Raipali and Ghala and the Health Centre at Kot Guan.
In December 2011 under the leadership of Karen Edgeley, Jenny Boyce and Clive Burgess, 10 students aged between 15 and 16 spent 2 days at Bayapani School. They were warmly welcomed by the headteacher Sherjung Adhikary and by staff and students with a display of singing and dancing. Wey Valley had been practising their Nepalese dance routine for the previous 2 weeks and joined in the fun by giving their own performance.They also developed their Communication Skills by teaching landscape painting on the hillside and various sports activities to what began as a small group of students and rapidly grew in to about half the school.
Wey Valley had been fundraising for the last 2 years and donated 70 blue school shirts. £400 was donated through equipment such as exercise books, pencils,microscope slides, art materials,volley balls and net, footballs and nursery toys. A further £200 was spent on a photocopier/printer and £90 on chipboard and paints to divide the nursery from a classroom and a further £100 for labour to build this wall.
Through discussions with the head teacher about how Wey Valley might be able to help in the future, he expressed his concerns for the health and safety of the school and students due to buffalo wandering through the area lwith no boundary wall. He would like to build a stone wall but shortage of water meant cement making was a problem. It became clear that lack of water was an issue also for the cleanliness of the toilets .Installing a couple of water tanks under the sloping roofs and pipework to the toilets would alleviate the problem. This will become the mission for Wey Valley over the next 2 years. £260 was given to Bimal to put towards the the start of this project with a promise of more to follow during the next few months. The plan will be to have one water tank installed before the start of the monsoon season.